Can Foundation Repairs Be Mad During Winter?

When noticing cracks in their basement walls or elsewhere in their home’s foundation, homeowners should promptly call a foundation repair service to have an inspection performed.

This is especially the case in winter when the temperatures go down.

Though many homeowners believe that major home repairs must wait until springtime, foundation repairs can be made all year.

There are actually good reasons why many foundation repair solutions are better made in the winter, too.

Why is wintertime such a great time to do foundation repairs?

There is less rain during the winter, so the ground is drier.

Basic Repairs Are Easy to Do Any Time

Basic foundation repairs like hairline crack repairs that require little more than painting the walls with a sealant can be done any time of the year, but especially during the winter.

Considering that the main symptom experienced from these small cracks is dampness throughout the home when the ground is wet, it is easier to successfully apply sealant coatings when the ground and basement walls are completely dry.

Even if it is cold out, basements and crawlspaces can easily be brought to a warmer temperature using space heaters to make applying sealants easy. 

Soil Is Drier In The Winter

Another way that dry soil in winter makes it easier for foundation repair services to correct cracks and smaller problems is that dry soil undergoes less movement while repairs are being made.

Foundation repair solutions that involve filling cracks and bracing walls can be accomplished more easily.

Major foundation repairs such as foundation leveling can be done more securely, as it is possible to achieve greater stability when installing foundation piers into dry, solid ground. 

Easier To Find Someone to Do the Work

What is one more reason why winter is such a great time to have foundation repair services address any foundation problems?

Most homeowners do not realize that winter is the best time to do it, so they wait.

For those who seize the opportunity, it means less waiting and prompt repairs that can be finished in time to avoid the spring rains.

It also means once the rain comes, dampness and leaking will be avoided and there will be no mess from digging around the property.

It is a great time to do a foundation repair so the home is in great shape by the time the weather warms up. 

In Summary

Homeowners dealing with dampness, leaking basement walls, and other foundation issues should put winter time to good use and arrange for an inspection by an experienced foundation repair service.

If repairs are needed, chances are the right foundation repair solutions can be completed quickly and more easily during the more cooperative cooler season!

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