How Do Wall Anchors Work As Foundation Repairs?

Depending on the problem, there are many types of foundation wall repairs that a foundation expert might use to correct it.

Among them, basement wall plate anchors have a place in repairing serious structural problems affecting basement walls.

A relatively quick and cost-effective foundation repair where strong support is necessary, wall anchors can sometimes work in circumstances where the alternative is a more invasive and expensive repair method. 

What Are Basement Wall Plate Anchors?

Basement wall plate anchors are a type of foundation repair for basement walls experiencing substantial cracking or even bowing in toward the basement space.

Whether it is caused by settling, wall movement, hydrostatic pressure, or simply the age of the foundation, walls that bow or lean inward are a serious threat to the integrity of the entire foundation structure.

Wall braces are one foundation wall repair solution that might be suitable but in cases where more than just a brace is necessary, wall anchors can be better. 

How Do Wall Plate Anchors Work?

Using wall anchors whether alone or in conjunction with wall braces, a leaning or bowing foundation wall can be pulled back into place from the outside and then held there using metal plates.

Basement wall plate anchors are installed by applying a metal plate to the inside wall of the basement and an anchor plate into the soil a few feet outside the wall, then connecting them with steel rods.

The rods are used to straighten the basement wall, then hold it in place as the rods and anchors are buried beneath the ground. 

Are Wall Plate Anchors A Good Choice For Foundation Repairs?

Basement wall plate anchors can make an effective and affordable solution when the alternative might involve digging out and rebuilding the damaged part of the foundation.

Used as a sole foundation repair or in conjunction with others, wall plate anchors should be considered whenever wall bowing or leaning is discovered.

Without some kind of support, the potential of bowed foundation walls worsening or even collapsing is great.

Using this foundation wall repair, homeowners can rescue their foundation in the easiest way possible. 

Adding It Up

When noticing considerable cracks across basement walls or bowing that is evidence of pressure against the wall, homeowners should immediately reach out to a foundation repair specialist that can diagnose the problem and suggest workable solutions.

Basement wall plate anchors are one such less-invasive and less-costly solution that might be suitable if help is sought before the problem becomes too advanced.

Without a sturdy foundation, the entire house could be in danger.

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