The Do’s and Don’ts of Outdoor Fire Pit Construction!

A fire pit is an enjoyable component in any yard for homeowners to enjoy for years to come.

To ensure their safety and durability, outdoor fire pit design should be undertaken with the help of an experienced contractor.

Before construction by outdoor fire pit services begins, homeowners should understand a few things about fire pits and what is involved in building them.

These tips for working with outdoor fire pit contractors should help anyone interested in this beautiful yard feature end up with a beautiful conversation piece that is strong, stylish, and most importantly, safe to use.

The Do’s of Good Outdoor Fire Pit Design

  • Do get approval to build an outdoor fire pit from HOAs and local zoning offices, as they might not be permitted in all neighborhoods. Find out if a permit is required and request one once an outdoor fire pit contractor is chosen to handle the construction. 
  • Do consider the different ways the fire pit will be used so that the size and style can be planned to accommodate that. Pits used for cooking should be designed to fit grill racks. 
  • Do plan to install a steel fire ring on the inside of the outer structure. Though it adds more to the construction cost, it will protect the walls of the fire pit from heat damage over time. 
  • Do discuss different fuel options such as natural gas, wood, propane, and others with a professional outdoor fire pit service to understand the cost, safety, environmental impact, and other details to choose the most suitable one.
  • Do invest in fire safety gear and learn proper lighting and extinguishing techniques. Even though outdoor fire pit design is such that the pit is away from other structures, it can be very dangerous when not handled in a safe way.

The Do Not’s of Outdoor Fire Pit Design

  • Don’t position a fire pit in a hazardous area that is either too close to the house or other structure, on uneven ground, close to trees and vegetation, or somewhere that strong winds can affect it. Let an experienced outdoor fire pit contractor help select the perfect location. 
  • Don’t choose a construction material that is flammable, meltable, or porous, as fire will eventually destroy it. Outdoor fire pit services recommend using concrete, fieldstone, fire brick, flagstone, and other durable, natural, and fire-proof materials. 
  • Don’t ever leave a fire burning in an outdoor fire pit unattended, no matter how contained it seems.

The final important suggestion for every homeowner interested in building a fire pit is to find outdoor fire pit services with a good reputation and experience to build it with.

The right contractor will know all these details and more!

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