Top Reasons for Homeowners to Invest In Basement Waterproofing!

A damp or wet basement should be corrected with a suitable basement waterproofing solution.

Ignoring basement waterproofing can result in a multitude of problems that can affect not just the house, but everyone living within it as well.

Correcting damp and wet basements with an appropriate basement waterproofing system is the best way to protect the home and prevent the many problems that this type of foundation problem can create.

  1. Reduces Problems Due To High Moisture Levels – Damp basements in need of basement waterproofing can cause high moisture levels throughout the entire house. This can cause musty odors and promote the growth of black mold, which can damage personal property and the entire inside of the home. Black mold can also cause serious health conditions like allergies, headaches, and upper respiratory problems.  
  2. Promotes A Dry and Usable Basement Space – Dampness resolved with the right basement waterproofing solution can turn a moist, moldy basement into a comfortable, usable space. After moisture issues are resolved, homeowners can safely use their basements for storage or even finish them to increase their usable home space.
  3. Improves Home Energy Efficiency – A damp or wet basement can be leaky in more than just one way. These spaces tend to be colder and require more heating energy to keep them warm and to dry out the dampness. By installing the required basement waterproofing system, whether that is simply a waterproof coating, a French drain and sump system, or some other system, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the basement and throughout the whole house will be easier. 
  4. Prevents Greater Foundation Damage – All moisture, no matter how minor, occurs due to flaws in the basement foundation. While minor hairline cracks that allow moisture in cannot always be prevented, more significant wetness that goes uncorrected with the right basement waterproofing solution can, in time, turn into serious foundation issues as cracks widen and deepen and water problems compound. 
  5. Reduces the Risk of Basement Flooding – Small amounts of water on the basement floor can turn into actual floods with the right soil and weather conditions. The best way to prevent this from happening is with a basement waterproofing system that prevents worsening leaks or removes water from the basement as it comes in.

A damp or wet basement can quickly become more than just an inconvenience.

Without the right basement waterproofing solution, it can result in home and property damage, health concerns, and higher utility bills. Contact an experienced foundation company to discuss basement waterproofing systems and how to dry that wet basement right up!

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